At The Law Office of Larry P. McDougal, our Richmond attorneys work hard for every client we take on. We have strong values and high standards, meaning our clients benefit from our diligence, care, and attention to their matter. Read what our past clients have had to say about us on this page then call (281) 823-9377 to schedule your free consultation.

  • Above and Beyond!
    I called their office for my husband after he found himself needing representation. I explained in detail what we were up against, Larry Jr didn't hesitate to help my husband with his case. I love that they have Law enforcement knowledge and back the blue. Larry made no promises he didn't keep!! He did what he said he would with my husband's case and we are forever grateful and thankful for Larry and his team! Absolutely the best in Fort Bend County Hands down!

    - Carol, 2022

  • Fantastic Lawyer, As well as the McDougals and Staff
    I don't even know where to begin. I researched lawyers in the area and settled on a name I had heard of, "McDougal." The office assigned David Green to our case. From the get-go they were at our beck and call. Not to mention Mr. Green is fighter. He goes the extra mile, and he stands on principle. He even went so far as to handle the unexpected peripherals, which he didn't have to do, but took them on because he felt it was right. Look, I served 24 years in the military, if someone's credibility wasn't up to par, I'd tell them and I would tell you...but this is a man of character, and I will definitely be doing business with him again. You cannot go wrong with the McDougal Office, and you definitely can't go wrong with hiring Mr. David Green. They are OUTSTANDING!

    - Randall, 2022

  • Fantastic attorney and super helpful..!!
    David is a straight talking, informative and dedicated lawyer for his clients! He is extremely communicative, very knowledgeable about the law, friendly and easy to talk to. His experience as a police officer and detective absolutely are hugely valuable in his ability to guide his clients. I would recommend David to anyone and everyone. He is super!!

    - Catherine, 2022

  • He did an amazing job for me and I would recommend him to anyone
    Mr. McDougal Jr. is the best attorney in the world. He did an amazing job for me and I would recommend him to anyone.

    - Douglas C., 2017

  • I would have no reservation with hiring Larry to represent me or a loved one in a criminal matter.
    Larry is an outstanding criminal defense attorney who also gives back to his community. I would have no reservation with hiring Larry to represent me or a loved one in a criminal matter.

    - Lee K., 2013

  • Very knowledgeable attorneys.
    Great staff and very knowledgeable attorneys.

    - Elwood M., 2018

  • Awesome Attorney

    I would definitely recommend hiring Larry McDougal. I had two felonies and Larry took care of everything. I was done with court in less than a year. He went out of his way to give my husband a lot of free legal advice that helped our situation. And I also appreciate that they would reply to emails within minutes. 

    - Amy, 2020

  • Great Criminal Defense Attorney
    Larry McDougal Jr. represented our daughter in a case the past few years. Larry was very informative, polite, professional and honest with us. Larry always communicated well on the status of the case, and always gave us the direction the case could go. Larry did a lot of research on the laws that could affect the case. Larry would always be at the court dates and was never late. He would always disagree with the DA and not accept any deals just to finish the case. Our case went over two years. We went through four different assistant DAs during that time. Larry had to start over with the different DAs, but never gave up on getting the charges dropped. Our case was finally finished this past year. Larry was extremely good at getting the results we did. I would highly recommend this firm for your needs.

    - Kevin, 2016