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Sugar Land Criminal Defense Law Blog

3 points for parents to know about the juvenile justice system

The juvenile justice system is one place where Texas parents never hope to have to go. When your child gets into trouble, your natural inclination is to help them. This isn't always easy when they are facing the juvenile court system.

For several reasons, this system is often hard for parents and children to navigate. The child has to make their own decisions. Parents often have a difficult time with this part of the process.

3 situations that could require drunk driving

It's important to know that drinking and driving is against the law, but what about situations in which you can't avoid getting behind the wheel? There are times when you may feel good enough to drive and face an emergency, such as deciding to rush someone to the hospital or do what you have to in the specific circumstances.

While it's illegal to have a BAC of .08 percent or higher and drive, there could be circumstances under which you could defend your choice to drive. Here are a few situations that might help you get out of a DUI charge.

Solitary confinement in Texas: A serious hazard for many inmates

Being sentenced to prison after a criminal conviction is a difficult situation. While it is certainly possible to make it through a sentence unscathed, there are some facets of prison life that can make it more complex. In Texas, there is a troubling point that inmates have to deal with: solitary confinement.

While there is often good reason for an inmate to be placed in administrative segregation for short-term periods, many are calling long-term solitary confinement into question. In 1999, a federal judge found that long periods under these conditions lead to psychological pain. His ruling was ultimately overturned. However, there are clearly problems with the solitary confinement system here.

When to take a child's threats seriously

Your child threatens another child. Maybe it happens at school. Maybe it happens in the front yard, while playing with a neighbor.

How seriously should you take this threat of potential violence? Your child certainly seems serious, but you know how children are. Their emotions get the best of them. They're impulsive and they say the first things that come into their heads. Is this just a case of your child being a child, or could it be something more?

Know the factors that impact your criminal sentence

The criminal justice system has a variety of components. A person who has allegedly committed a crime will usually face criminal charges. These can be resolved through a plea deal or a trial. When a trial is chosen, a jury of the person's peers will hear the evidence and testimony before deciding if the defendant is guilty or not guilty.

When a person is found guilty of charges, the judge will determine the sentence. There are many factors that go into this decision, so it isn't always easy to guess what will happen ahead of time. If you are heading into a criminal trial, here are some points you need to know about sentencing:

What should I know about blood alcohol concentration testing?

Many questions surround drunk driving traffic stops. Some impact the defense strategy you employ when facing charges stemming from the event. It is imperative that you think carefully about all of the things that happened when you were stopped and throughout the rest of the incident.

One point that has a significant impact on drinking and driving cases is the blood alcohol concentration percentage. There are a few important facts to know about these tests.

Domestic violence and child custody cases can overlap

Domestic violence is the reason behind some divorces in this country. This is a difficult time for the adults as well as the children in the middle of everything.

There are a lot of misconceptions with respect to child custody that surround these cases. Some people think that the alleged abuser will be able to take the children away from the other person. Others assume that the person who was the victim will be able to take the children without any problems. Both of these are untrue.

Don't let your tailgate party land you in jail for DUI

Do you tailgate before the Texan games? Or maybe you gather with friends and family before the game to cheer for your college or high school alma mater.

Tailgating is a popular fall pastime for many southeast Texas residents. But these pregame parties can lead to intoxication for many fans.

What does it mean to disturb the peace?

People who are in public are expected to behave in a way that doesn't disturb others. While there are some instances in which normal actions might irritate people, there are laws that prohibit many actions that jeopardize the peace.

When individuals do disturb the peace, they might face criminal charges for these actions. Disorderly conduct is often the charge levied when the incident isn't violating other laws. In some cases, these criminal charges might be one of many that stem from an incident.

Be prepared for driving on Labor Day weekend

As the summer enters its midpoint and kids head back to school at the end of the month, people start looking forward to the long Labor Day weekend. Before you pull out of the driveway, you need to make sure that you are ready to drive. Facing criminal charges is certain to put a damper on your fun!

There are several different incidents that can lead to criminal charges while you are on the road. Here are a few to think about:

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