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Sugar Land Criminal Defense Law Blog

Tips to keep drunk driving out of summer plans

Summer in Texas is a great time to get out on the lake, catch a ball game or just hang out in the sun with friends and family. Often, the weather is best enjoyed with a cold beer or a refreshing cocktail.

But if you're planning to drive, drinking too much and getting behind the wheel is an unnecessary and dangerous risk.With people spending summer days at remote cabins or other places away from their homes, it's more important than ever to avoid driving impaired. 

Elements to merit an accomplice charge

When you think of criminal charges, you probably think of the defendant being the one who carried out the crime. This isn't always the case because someone can be charged as an accomplice. These charges carry the same penalties as the charge for the person who did the unlawful deed, so they are still serious and must be addressed.

Being charged with an accomplice crime requires that there are specific elements present. In many instances, seeing if there is a way that you can call these elements into question can help to shape the direction of your defense strategy. Be sure that you know the important information about these crimes before you face the court.

Drug convictions can impact federal financial aid

If you depend on financial aid for school there are certain laws you should not break. In Texas, there are some criminal convictions that can bar you from receiving financial aid in the future. One of these is a drug conviction.

There are several points that come into the picture if you are convicted of a drug crime and you need financial aid to attend college. This includes both loans and grants that are issued to help cover the costs of higher education.

Criminal defendants have specific rights

When you are facing criminal charges, you are likely going to be given the opportunity to take your case before a jury. It is imperative that the trial is considered fair, but this can often be seen as a broad term with many different meanings. Anyone facing criminal charges should be aware of their legal rights in Texas.

The good news is that you can turn to the Constitution to find out what it means to have a fair trial. This, especially the 6th Amendment and the 14th Amendment, outlines what defendants can count on when they are in the criminal justice system.

Drivers should be extra cautious on holiday weekends

The Memorial Day holiday is one that people often associate with kicking off the nicer summer season. There are a lot of people who travel that weekend to enjoy the lovely weather. Some of these outings involve alcohol, which means that any adult who is going to drink these beverages needs to have a plan for making it back home at the end of the night.

The Center For Disease Control states that an average of 29 people die due to drunk driving crashes each day, and the cost of all drunk driving crashes is around $44 million annually. With these facts in mind, it is easy to see why it is imperative that drunk drivers are kept off the roads. Over holiday weekends, police officers will usually be extra vigilant about watching for signs of impaired drivers.

What is a probation violation and what happens when one occurs?

Potential outcomes of criminal justice cases vary greatly, depending on the circumstances and what happens during the court process. For some defendants, there is an order for probation issued, which means that the person won't have to spend time in prison. Instead, they are allowed to remain in the community, but are supervised by a probation officer.

Probation comes with specific requirements and special conditions that must be followed all the time. The person who is being monitored can face legal troubles if they violate any of the terms of the program, so it is imperative that they know what they are supposed to do and what they must avoid.

Defending your future against drug possession charges

Few things can ruin a promising young life like a drug possession conviction. Although the public perception of recreational drugs continues to shift as injustices in drug-related law enforcement come to light, the current laws we use at a federal level are harsh, and can change a person's entire future trajectory.

If you face drug possession charges, you need to begin building your legal defense immediately. The longer that you wait to build a defense, the more time that you give the prosecution to build its case against you, and the less time you have to understand the evidence supporting the charges. No matter how bad the situation may seem, it is never wise to face drug charges without some form of defense. Your rights deserve protection, and you have more ways to protect them than you may realize.

Crimes related to computer usage are serious matters

Most people get online daily, but they might not realize there are many things that can lead to criminal charges stemming from online activities. It is imperative that anyone doing things online know that they aren't running afoul of the law.

There are state and federal laws that govern the use of computers and online activities in this country. Having a basic understanding of what is forbidden can ensure that you aren't doing anything that will land you in the criminal justice system.

Some criminal accusations are common for juveniles

Juveniles don't always think about what they are going to do. They will often just act or follow their friends without considering what might happen. This can lead them to get into trouble. When that involves accusations of criminal behavior, they have to determine what to do.

A child who is facing the juvenile justice system might be very frightened. They may turn to their parents for guidance and help. The parents might think that their child is the exception, but there are actually some juvenile crimes that are fairly common.

Think carefully about a few options for drunk driving defenses

The season of bonfires and nights out with friends is a time when there might be alcoholic beverages involved. This opens up people who are out having fun to the chance that they will face drunk driving charges. Knowing how to handle this situation can reduce your stress, but you should make sure that you still give the case the attention it deserves.

There are a few different ways that you can handle a drunk driving charge. Looking into the circumstances surrounding the case is the first step toward setting up your defense strategy.

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