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Sugar Land Criminal Defense Law Blog

Why are criminal convictions a factor in some custody cases?

Many factors can come into the picture when you are facing legal charges. Sometimes, cases in different court systems overlap. This can be difficult to handle, so you have to be prepared. Sometimes, there can be a criminal complaint for domestic violence and a family law case, involving a divorce or child custody, for example.

In a child custody case, the court will consider the best interests of the children. Because of the nature of domestic violence, this could become a central factor. Other criminal convictions might also be at the heart of these cases.

What is drugged driving? How is it detected?

Driving under the influence is a big problem in this country. The problem is that many people don't realize exactly what the charge entails. It is possible for some people to commit this crime without knowing they are doing it.

There are many different things that might lead to a person driving under the influence. One of the obvious is that the person was taking illegal drugs, but that might not be what's happening in all cases. Some people face this problem due to prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications.

What constitutes retail theft?

People in Texas should ensure they are paying for merchandise that they leave the store with. This can help to prevent them from being accused of retail theft, which is a very serious matter. There are many factors that can impact this type of charge. Knowing a bit about the laws here can help you to better understand this crime so you can avoid charges.

Some individuals think that retail theft has to do only with trying to walk out of the store without paying for things. While this is a common form of the crime, there are other situations that might lead to a retail theft charge.

Understanding the finer points of white collar crimes

White collar crimes are associated primarily with workers who are in a position that has to do with finances or who are in control of company assets. This can include executives, bankers, loan officers, appraisers, cashiers and people in similar positions. Individuals facing these types of charges are looking at the possibility of time behind bars, fines and other penalties.

Understanding what comprises a white collar crime can help some people to avoid them. For those who are already facing one, knowing a few points ahead of time can help as they set their defense strategy to answer the charge.

DWI charges in Texas come with serious penalties

With Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year's Eve on the way, people intending to attend parties need to ensure they have a plan in place to make it home safely if they are going to drink alcohol. Failing to make suitable arrangements can lead to criminal charges if you have to drive yourself home while you are intoxicated.

There are several points you should know about drunk driving in Texas. A person will face a driving while intoxicated charge when they have a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or higher. This only applies to people operating a personal vehicle. People who have a commercial driver's license have a lower limit.

The role of prison in criminal justice and its impacts

Some people automatically think about prison when they hear someone is facing criminal charges. While it is true that prison is one of the primary forms of punishments handed down in the criminal justice system, there are some human rights issues that the United Nations and others have raised about this practice.

There are negative impacts that come with imprisonment. For some cases, having the defendant placed in prison is deemed necessary for public safety. This is often the thought for violent crimes, such as murder or assault with a deadly weapon. Still, placing the person in confinement with other people who have been convicted of crimes might not be the best rehabilitation method.

3 points for parents to know about the juvenile justice system

The juvenile justice system is one place where Texas parents never hope to have to go. When your child gets into trouble, your natural inclination is to help them. This isn't always easy when they are facing the juvenile court system.

For several reasons, this system is often hard for parents and children to navigate. The child has to make their own decisions. Parents often have a difficult time with this part of the process.

3 situations that could require drunk driving

It's important to know that drinking and driving is against the law, but what about situations in which you can't avoid getting behind the wheel? There are times when you may feel good enough to drive and face an emergency, such as deciding to rush someone to the hospital or do what you have to in the specific circumstances.

While it's illegal to have a BAC of .08 percent or higher and drive, there could be circumstances under which you could defend your choice to drive. Here are a few situations that might help you get out of a DUI charge.

Solitary confinement in Texas: A serious hazard for many inmates

Being sentenced to prison after a criminal conviction is a difficult situation. While it is certainly possible to make it through a sentence unscathed, there are some facets of prison life that can make it more complex. In Texas, there is a troubling point that inmates have to deal with: solitary confinement.

While there is often good reason for an inmate to be placed in administrative segregation for short-term periods, many are calling long-term solitary confinement into question. In 1999, a federal judge found that long periods under these conditions lead to psychological pain. His ruling was ultimately overturned. However, there are clearly problems with the solitary confinement system here.

When to take a child's threats seriously

Your child threatens another child. Maybe it happens at school. Maybe it happens in the front yard, while playing with a neighbor.

How seriously should you take this threat of potential violence? Your child certainly seems serious, but you know how children are. Their emotions get the best of them. They're impulsive and they say the first things that come into their heads. Is this just a case of your child being a child, or could it be something more?

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