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Sugar Land Criminal Defense Law Blog

No juvenile criminal justice matter is considered a small deal

Juvenile criminal matters are often thought of as minor offenses, but this can't be the thought that parents have when their child is facing these issues. Parents need to realize that when a child is involved in the justice system, he or she needs help getting back on the right path. This is the goal of the juvenile justice system.

When your child is facing this type of legal trouble, it is easy to get discouraged and give up hope. This isn't a good thing to do. Instead, you need to work to ensure that your child's rights are being respected and that your child is getting help.

Expunctions and non-disclosure orders in Texas

A criminal conviction in Texas can have far-reaching consequences. Not only may you have to do jail time, pay huge fines and legal fees, but it could cause problems in other aspects of your life. For example, you could lose your job, have problems finding other employment or even run into issues trying to rent an apartment. Unfortunately, a conviction is not the only thing that will appear of your records. An arrest without a subsequent conviction might also cause you some issues in the future.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep your criminal record from affecting your personal life too much. Depending on your specific circumstances, you may qualify for an expunction or a non-disclosure order.

DUI checkpoint: Things you need to know

Police all over the country are cracking down on driving under the influence or alcohol and drugs. With this, they're hoping to keep every driver and pedestrian as safe as possible.

There are times when police spot drivers who appear to be intoxicated, pull them over, and then go through the process of determining if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Those marijuana dabs could result in a Texas felony charge

More people than ever before are consuming marijuana in the forms of dabs. Dabs are marijuana concentrates, often inhaled after vaporizing it on hot metal or glass. Also called butane hash oil (BHO), wax, glass or shatter, these highly potent marijuana extracts are incredibly popular these days.

With more states legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational adult use every year, Americans have become less concerned about marijuana consumption. This relaxed attitude can lead to people forgetting that marijuana in any form remains illegal federally and in most states, including Texas.

Yes, you should fight your child’s drug possession charges

When you first learn that your child received drug possession charges, you may find it difficult to separate your feelings about the matter from the need to respond carefully. As a parent, it is normal to feel conflicted about how to respond, especially if you strongly oppose drug use.

It is important to understand that drug charges are a very serious criminal charge that may affect your child's life for many years to come, even well after he or she pays a lawful penalty for the alleged behavior. For that matter, many legal minds agree that drug laws are unfairly harsh. Drug possession laws allow the strictest penalties given for any nonviolent crime, even for many first-time offenses.

Drunk driving isn't tolerated in Texas

Many people think that they can go out and enjoy a night of drinking with their friends and then drive home safely. While this is certainly possible (though never a good idea), there is a chance that a law enforcement officer will throw a wrench in that plan.

Drunk driving is illegal in Texas. You can face a host of penalties if you are caught driving after drinking. Here are some points to know:

How a threat of harm may affect property crime charges

Property crimes like theft and robbery exist in a gray area between violent and non-violent criminal charges. Depending on some very specific details, two acts that are almost identical may yield two substantially different sets of charges and sentencing.

If you recently received property crime charges of some kind, you need to assess your strongest options for constructing a defense against them. Without a proper legal defense, you will suffer consequences of these charges, whether or not they are truly fair.

Were you accused of shoplifting? Know what comes next

Although it may not sound serious, shoplifting can lead to a variety of punishments.

It doesn't matter if you were accused of this crime or you are assisting a loved one (such as a teenage child), it's imperative to learn more about the crime of shoplifting and the steps you should take to clear things up.

Plea bargains have their up sides and down sides

Not all criminal charges result in a person having to sit through a jury trial. Many criminal cases are resolved through the use of plea bargains. There are many benefits and drawbacks of these agreements for both sides.

You have to think carefully before you decide to accept a plea deal. One reason for this is that you have to plead guilty to specific criminal charges in exchange for what the prosecution is offering for the deal. This means that if you didn't actually commit the crime, a plea bargain isn't the way you should resolve your case. Here are some other points to think about when it comes to plea deals:

Heroin laws in Texas are very strict

Heroin laws in Texas are very strict because of the public heath impacts of this drug. For people who are facing heroin charges, knowing the possible penalties and options for a defense are important.

There are several factors that can impact the severity of the penalties that you will be up against if you are facing these charges. Two of the primary factors include the amount of heroin in the case and where a heroin sale was conducted. Here are some points you need to know about heroin charges:

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