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Our Richmond, Texas, lawyers help people who are charged with crimes. We use our skills and experience to protect your rights, your interests and your future.

Criminal Defense is very much driven by the client's own choices:

  • Should I plead guilty to DWI or take my case to trial?
  • Should I fight juvenile charges or hope my child is "scared straight"?

The quality of the decisions you make will depend on the quality of the legal advice you get. So the most important choice you make may be hiring the right attorney.

Our father-and-son law firm, the Law Office of Larry P. McDougal, has served clients in Fort Bend County for more than 20 years. We work closely with you to make sure you understand your rights, your responsibilities, your risks and your opportunities. Whether you opt for a negotiated resolution or your day in court, it will be an informed decision backed by experienced representation.

A Background In Law Enforcement Working For You

Attorney Larry McDougal previously served as a police officer, a sheriff's deputy, a prosecutor and a municipal judge. His extensive insights into police procedure and the other side of the criminal justice system have made him all the more effective as a defender of the accused. He draws on that experience to confront the government's allegations and hold law enforcement accountable. He knows how to challenge physical evidence and forensics, witness accounts, traffic stops, search warrants and all facets of the prosecution's case.

Larry McDougal Sr. won the President's Award from the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association in 2009. He was elected to the Board of Directors of the State Bar of Texas in 2012 and teaches legal ethics to lawyers around the state. His statewide reputation is based on outstanding results for his clients and the trial skills necessary to back up a negotiating position.

His son, Larry McDougal Jr., was recently elected to the Board of Directors for the Fort Bend County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

Fort Bend County Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our legal team defends adults and juveniles on all charges, from drug possession and drunk driving to sex offenses and domestic assault. Beyond the possibility of jail, we pay attention to the possible repercussions for employment, licenses, gun rights, parental rights and other aspects of your life and your future.

We understand the high stakes if you are facing criminal charges or license suspension. We will steer you right and stand by you, all the way through trial when necessary.

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