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The law does not differentiate between soliciting an actual minor and propositioning an undercover police officer. The law does not require any actual contact or rendezvous. The mere act of soliciting a minor for sex or even "sexting" nude photos can lead to prison, a felony record and/or sex offender registration.

If you are accused of online solicitation of a minor, you do have rights and you do have defenses. The Law Office of Larry P. McDougal provides sophisticated representation to fight the charges or soften the consequences for your freedom and your future.

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It is unlawful to solicit a child under the age of 17 with the intent of committing a sexual act. You can be charged with a felony sex crime for asking a minor to send naked pictures, for arranging to "hook up" for sex or merely for arranging to meet a minor after engaging in sexualized conversation.

In many cases, the minor is actually an undercover officer posing as a teenager. While this tactic is intended to trap people who are seeking inappropriate encounters, the Texas courts have rejected the entrapment defense. In other cases, charges are filed after parents discover that their underage child has engaged in sexual conversations or sexual liaisons with an adult.

Experienced Criminal Defense With A Law Enforcement Background

Criminal defense lawyer Larry McDougal formerly served as a police officer, sheriff's deputy, prosecutor and municipal court judge. That experience enables him to mount an effective defense. Was the conversation misconstrued? What is the age differential? Did the teenager initiate the sexting or sexual references? Was a specific time or place arranged? We also explore Fourth Amendment issues regarding the basis for search warrants or seizure of computers or smartphones.

Our goal is to dismiss unfounded charges or suppress improperly obtained evidence. We are also skilled at negotiated resolutions that avoid felony charges or sex offender status. If you are facing prison time or career consequences and a plea offer is unacceptable, we are prepared to defend you at trial.

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You are presumed innocent until proven otherwise. Our criminal defense attorneys can stand up for your rights and pursue the most favorable outcome to these serious charges. Contact our law office immediately to talk with a Richmond lawyer about solicitation of a minor.