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Whether your child support rights and responsibilities will be determined in a divorce case or a paternity proceeding, they're substantially the same. The noncustodial parent's obligation to pay the custodial parent will be determined under the Texas Child Support Guidelines, which provide a formula based on the noncustodial parent's income and the number of children to be supported.

This approach to child support in Texas is neither particularly negotiable nor very hard to figure out. In some situations, however, one parent or the other will have a case for raising or lowering the guideline's figure. If you need a lawyer's advice about child support in divorce or paternity, contact the Law Office of Larry D. McDougal in Richmond.

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Factors that might lead a parent to seek a variance from the standard guideline amounts include:

  • Unstable or seasonal income
  • Undisclosed or underreported income, as for self-employed parents
  • Unusual additional expenses for the parent expected to pay, such as child support for children of another marriage or relationship, or the need to care for a parent
  • Special medical, educational or behavioral needs on the part of one or more children

Although family court judges have the discretion to adjust child support payments in either direction, they won't usually do so unless you and your attorney can justify the request with specific evidence. Even an agreement between parents for a lower payment than the guidelines call for won't be approved without good reasons. The right to child support is regarded as belonging to the child, and parents are not free to negotiate those rights away.

Our law firm can give you a solid understanding of your rights and responsibilities on child support issues. We can also give you a good idea of the strengths and weaknesses of any proposal to raise or lower the payments, whether you're the parent seeking the adjustment or the parent who needs to decide whether to oppose it.

Fort Bend County parents also depend on our firm for advice about the modification of child support obligations based on changed circumstances, or the enforcement of child support if the payments go into default.

Contact our office in Richmond to learn more about our experience with child support issues in Fort Bend County divorce and paternity cases.