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People sometimes underestimate the legal, financial, personal and emotional challenges of divorce. It's easy to make serious mistakes with respect to any of those challenges, and the advice of an experienced lawyer can protect you across the full range of your risks. If you have just been served with divorce papers or if you see the end of your marriage approaching and need advice about divorce, contact the Law Office of Larry P. McDougal in Richmond.

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With a family law practice focused exclusively on Fort Bend County, our firm works with clients who not only need help with the legal aspects of divorce, but who sometimes don't even know what those aspects might involve. We take the time to work closely with clients to make sure that they understand just what's at stake on every issue.

In strictly legal terms, divorce is usually not that complicated. It's the process for ending a marriage in such a way that all of the spouses' assets and liabilities are divided, their minor children will be supported and nurtured, the financially weaker spouse won't be left destitute, and each spouse will be free to remarry if he or she chooses.

Here's the catch. Texas law expresses a strong preference that each of those steps reflect a fair and sensible agreement between the divorcing spouses. Unfortunately, the emotional turmoil of divorce can make it very hard to recognize what a fair property division agreement or child custody arrangement will look like. It can even make it hard to figure out what your own interests require or what your goals might be.

With nearly 20 years of family law experience, Larry McDougal knows how to work effectively with clients who need to vent and who need to get a basic grasp of the legal rights and responsibilities involved with divorce. Once you get a sense of the framework you're operating in, you'll be able to define and refine personal objectives in realistic terms for yourself and your children.

In most cases, we'll be able to get you what you need through negotiation and agreement. Sometimes, however, it's necessary to present your position in court. Larry McDougal is known as one of Fort Bend County's most effective trial attorneys, so you'll be well-represented if we need to make your case before a judge.

We can handle divorce cases that feature any number of distinctive problems — family businesses, special-needs children or even family violence protective orders. For more information about protecting your interests in divorce, contact our office in Richmond.