Richmond Attorneys For Underage Drinking Defense


Texas law and the juvenile courts take a hard line on underage alcohol offenses. Drinking and driving under the age of 21 is punished severely and merely being caught with alcohol can trigger license suspension and a host of other penalties. Juvenile alcohol offenses also have future consequences for high school, college and beyond.

The Law Office of Larry P. McDougal provides experienced defense for underage drinking and related juvenile offenses. We represent youths in Richmond, Sugar Land, Stafford, Missouri City, Rosenberg, Katy and throughout Fort Bend County, with the goal of keeping alcohol offenses off their record or minimizing the punishment.

Fort Bend County Law Firm For Minor Drinking Charges

Our attorneys represent juveniles under the age of 18 (and drivers under the age of 21) who are arrested or cited for alcohol offenses:

  • Minor in possession (MIP)
  • Minor in consumption (MIC)
  • Purchase or attempted purchase of alcohol by a minor
  • Possessing a fake ID
  • Minor DUI or full-fledged DWI

While adult drivers are considered intoxicated at a blood alcohol level of .08, underage drivers are subject to a zero tolerance policy. Driving under the influence (minor DUI) is charged for even a trace amount of alcohol in the bloodstream. A conviction can result in license suspension, fines, community service and alcohol education courses.

Minor in possession and minor in consumption are also subject to loss of license for up to six months, plus community service, alcohol awareness classes and probation, including random urine tests. Repeat offenses of MIP/MIC are subject to juvenile lock-up. Juvenile alcohol offenses can be expunged at age 21, but only one offense can be sealed.

Our goal is to prevent undue punishment in the short term and to avoid adverse consequences for education or employment in the long run. Attorney Larry McDougal has practiced in the juvenile courts for more than 28 years and he is a former police officer and prosecutor who knows how to defend drunk driving cases and alcohol offenses.

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