All it takes is one drink too many and a driver who means no harm can find that he or she is facing drunk driving charges. Despite his crime likely being the one that most Houston area residents would be apt to find themselves facing, there are many things about this offense that most people don’t know. For instance, one does not need to be driving a car, truck or van to face drunk driving charges. A South Texas man is all too aware of this.

The 49-year-old man was charged with misdemeanor driving while intoxicated one night on a beach. As he drove, the man reportedly ran over a person who was relaxing in a beach chair. At the time, the man facing the drunk driving charges was not driving a car but rather a golf cart. He told authorities that he did not see the man because his headlights had burned out. According to a family member, the injured man suffered several injuries including a broken back and broken neck.

The man who was arrested first underwent a mandatory blood draw at an area hospital. Police officers had the man taken to the hospital for the blood tests based on their suspicions that he was intoxicated. At that point he was charged with the crime.

There are a variety of factors that will determine how this case is resolved. Arguably, the most important thing for the man who was arrested to do is to retain legal counsel. Someone who routinely handles drunk driving cases would be most beneficial since he or she would have a good understanding of how these cases usually play out.

Source: KHOU 11 News, “Police: Drunk driver in golf cart runs over man on beach,” Sherry Williams, Aug. 6, 2013