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September 2013 Archives

Texas woman faces animal cruelty charges in death of dog

There are many crimes that a resident of Texas could find themselves facing. Sometimes the crime, as well as the potential consequence accompanying it, is well known. Because these laws encompass a wide range of activities however, it is highly likely that the average resident of a community will not be aware of some of them. If one does not realize that there is a law against something on the books, it is impossible for them to know what they may have done wrong.

Former Texas bakery employee accused of fraud

When one hears the terms fraud or embezzlement in connection with a crime, it is likely that most people think that the accused in working in a financial business of some sort. While it is possible that fraud could occur in that setting, there are many others where it could occur as well. As the accusation against a Texas man illustrates, even when the business is a bakery.

Teens often confess to crimes they did not commit

For those living in the Houston, Texas area who have never experienced the criminal justice system, it is likely difficult to imagine a time in which someone would confess to a crime that they did not commit. The reality however is that it occurs more often than most would believe. This trend is most likely to occur when a suspect is a juvenile.

NFL creates plan to combat drunk driving by players

It is of course possible that anyone who  gets behind the wheel to drive after consuming too much alcohol could find that he or she is facing a drunk driving arrest. This is true regardless of one’s occupation. Earlier this week however it was announced that one employer is doing what it can to keep those who work for it from facing any additional DWIs. That employer is the National Football League.

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