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November 2013 Archives

Texas man wanted for murder after apartment shooting

Being convicted of murder can result in very serious penalties in Texas that include the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence. Police are searching for a man who they believe shot and killed three people and wounded two others in an apartment building recently. The 25-year-old man now faces capital murder charges in the Nov. 20 incident. In addition, he has a prior criminal record, which could impact this case.

Several men arrested following Texas grocery store robbery

Being convicted of robbery can result several penalties that may include jail time, probation and fines. A conviction also means a permanent criminal record, which can impact an individual's personal and professional life in many ways. Four men now potentially face this fate. They were recently arrested and charged with robbery after an alleged heist at a Texas grocery store. Police believe that other men may have been involved and are still at large.

Harris County cracks down on animal cruelty

Law enforcement officers in the state of Texas take the commission of crimes seriously. While residents of Houston are likely aware of this as it pertains to serious crimes such as homicide or sexual assault, they may not know that it applies to crimes involving cruelty to animals as well. In fact the Harris County District Attorney takes it so seriously that the office partners with several other entities to combat the issue.

TxDOT encourages football fans to drive sober

This past fall we wrote a blog post about actions the National Football League was taking to try to prevent players from driving drunk. The league brokered a deal with a car service to make it easy for players who consumed too much alcohol, to easily summon transportation, even when they are on the road. The car service operates in nearly all cities that are home to a professional team.

For best result in juvenile case most seek legal assistance

On the day parents welcome a child into the world a door opens to reveal a new set of worries that few are really ready to face. While most parents come to accept that there will be many anxieties and issues concerning their child that they will have to address as they grow, few likely consider that dealing with the Texas juvenile system will be one of those things. Whether one thinks about it or not however, parents throughout the Houston area as well as the entire state of Texas, have become acquainted with that system.

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