On the day parents welcome a child into the world a door opens to reveal a new set of worries that few are really ready to face. While most parents come to accept that there will be many anxieties and issues concerning their child that they will have to address as they grow, few likely consider that dealing with the Texas juvenile system will be one of those things. Whether one thinks about it or not however, parents throughout the Houston area as well as the entire state of Texas, have become acquainted with that system.

It is inevitable that when some people hear that their child has been involved in a crime, they will think the worst. This is most likely due to the fact that they think about it in terms of what an adult offender may face as a consequence if convicted. Fortunately, the juvenile system is designed differently. Unlike the adult system that can be quick to punish, the juvenile justice system in Texas can provide the alleged offender with a second chance while still holding them accountable.

These second chances may take many forms including diversion programs and treatment programs based in the community. In some situations community service, “boot camp,” restitution and probation may be ordered. The idea that most people working on behalf of a juvenile seek to bring to fruition is that when possible, an alternative to detention is found. In many cases where the alleged crime committed is not so serious to send the youth to a TYC detention, second chances such as those laid out above will be employed.

Most everyone has at one point or another participated in an activity that in retrospect was probably not such a good idea. The odds of doing this while a teenager are even greater due to the way in which their brains develop. A majority of the time many would likely agree that young people deserve the benefit of the doubt. Because that is not always freely given, when a juvenile is facing criminal charges, most find it helpful to work with a lawyer who understands the juvenile system in Texas. For more information please visit our juvenile defense page.