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December 2013 Archives

Former Longhorns football player pleads guilty to fraud

Facing any type of criminal charges can prove to be devastating. For some people, those charges carry undesirable consequences that might necessitate a plea bargain or a no contest or guilty plea. Texas residents might be interested in learning that a former Longhorns football player has recently pleaded guilty to fraud charges.

State high court rules evidence obtained without warrant useable

When a resident of Texas is convicted of a crime at the lower court level it can be disheartening. Fortunately, on some occasions that person may be able to appeal an aspect of his or her criminal case to a higher court. Sometimes those appeals can lead to a reversal of the lower court decision. Recently a matter regarding the use of warrants in Texas that will likely be of interest to many was decided by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

'Affluenza' defense results in 10 years probation for teen

Upon becoming a parent, most individuals suddenly find that they would do anything to protect their child. While that sentiment changes a bit as the child grows older, in a majority of cases parents continue to look out for their child until they reach adulthood. As parents of teenagers are probably aware, for a variety of reasons, the teen years can be some of the most trying.

Texas assistant police chief arrested for assault

Few people in the Houston area desire to be charged with a crime. This is likely particularly true when one is employed as a law enforcement officer. Despite this, last month a law enforcement officer in another Texas community found himself under arrest for a crime. The Assistant Chief was charged with assaulting a family member.

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