Harris County Cracks Down on Animal Cruelty

Law enforcement officers in the state of Texas take the commission of crimes seriously. While residents of Houston are likely aware of this as it pertains to serious crimes such as homicide or sexual assault, they may not know that it applies to crimes involving cruelty to animals as well. In fact the Harris County District Attorney takes it so seriously that the office partners with several other entities to combat the issue.

The focus of the group, which includes the Harris County Commissioner, the Houston Humane Society, the Texas Department of Transportation and a former state senator, is an area that is well known for the animal dumping and cruel activities that took place there. It is also the site of what is referred to as the “Crosby Puppy Massacre.” As a result of the actions the group has taken, the number of animals abandoned in the area has plummeted 80 percent.

In some cases it is possible that someone may not realize that the activity they are engaged in, such as dog fights, is illegal. In addition to animal fighting, individuals could find that they are facing charges for mutilating or torturing an animal as well. Even abandoning an animal is serious infraction. It is a class A misdemeanor that could lead to a fine of up to $4,000 and a year in jail.

Individuals who are arrested and accused of committing any of these infractions could find that they are in over their heads. As is the case with any criminal charge it is important that actions are taken to obtain the best result possible.

Source: Your Houston News, “DA leading charge on animal cruelty crackdown,” Nate Brown, Nov. 13, 2013