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January 2014 Archives

Texas couple convicted of healthcare fraud

Over the course of the past few months several residents of Texas have been convicted of healthcare fraud. The cases involved the federal Medicare and Medicaid systems. Accordingly, the charges were all brought in federal court. While all criminal cases could result in serious consequences, this is particularly true where federal charges are concerned. In addition, federal prosecutors usually have resources at their disposal that allow them to build strong cases against the accused.

Study reveals high rate of juvenile arrest before the age of 23

There are many things that parents worry about concerning their children as they grow up. Making sure they get enough to eat and sleep are some of the basics. According to a recent study published in the journal of Crime & Delinquency, there is something else parents need to worry about--their child being arrested before turning 23. This is particularly true if those children are boys.

Texas to review cases involving microscopic hair analysis

In many criminal cases that go to trial physical evidence plays an important role. Accordingly, the way in which that evidence is handled is extremely important. If there are issues with the forensics conducted upon pieces of evidence, and that information is presented at trial, the outcome of a trial could be flawed and an innocent person could be found guilty.

Accusations of domestic violence could lead to loss of pets

While all individuals charged with a crime in Houston, Texas are innocent until proven guilty, depending on the crime one faces, it is possible that the accused could face ramifications before a trial date is even set. One situation in which this could occur is when someone is charged with domestic violence.

Texas man faces murder charge after shooting deputy

Protecting your home is something that most homeowners are passionate about. When you think someone is breaking into your home, you will likely try to protect yourself, your family and your assets. For one Texas man, the desire to protect himself, his pregnant girlfriend and his home has led to a capital murder charge.

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