Each day residents of the Houston, Texas, area find that they have lost property because someone else has taken it. While the items taken vary, there are certain objects all have probably gotten used to hearing about such as cell phones, computers, money and automobiles. Recently a theft in another state made the news as a result of the uniqueness of the item taken. The item was a nearly 300-year-old Stradivarius violin.

The violin, which according to an appraisal is worth $5 million, was snatched from the hands of the musician who had been loaned the instrument from its actual owner. In the course of the theft, the musician was incapacitated with a Taser.

The violin has since been recovered after one of the individuals arrested in connection with the matter alerted authorities to its location.

Three people have been arrested and two charged for their involvement in the incident. Both men face felony robbery charges. One of the men was also charged with possession of marijuana. It is unclear what led to the arrests.

While a conviction on a theft charge is certainly not as serious as some other crimes, it should nonetheless be taken seriously. In addition to incarceration, a conviction could result in fines or probation. Also, when convicted, a person has a criminal record. This could have a bearing on other aspects of one’s life as well, such as finding a job in the future.

For these reasons it is almost always in the best interest of someone who has been accused of a crime to contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as he or she becomes aware that they are under investigation for a crime. This approach usually provides the best chance of securing a good outcome.

Source: Reuters, “Two men charged in Wisconsin theft of Stradivarius violin,” Brendan O’Brien, Feb. 7, 2014