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March 2014 Archives

Texas program focuses on prevention of drunk driving crimes

This time of year it is not uncommon for residents of cold weather states to flock south to states such as Texas, to enjoy their spring break. While in many cases the exploits visitors engage in are left behind when they return home, this is not always the case--particularly where drunk driving accidents are concerned.

Guilty plea in tax fraud case could lead to decades behind bars

With the filing deadline less than a month away, income taxes are on the minds of many this time of year. While Houston area residents are gathering the documents needed to complete their income tax returns, two residents are facing the consequences for pleading guilty of filing fraudulent tax returns.

Houston megachurch the site of theft

A popular local church was the site of a robbery earlier this month. Lakewood Church, the congregation of which is led by Pastor Joel Osteen, was the site of the crime. According to the Houston Police Department, a total of $600,000 made up of checks and cash, was removed from a safe at the church. In addition, credit card information that was written down and placed in envelopes for donation at a service the previous weekend was also taken. Though the matter is currently under investigation, at this point there isn’t any information regarding suspects.

Teens face animal cruelty charges after recording incident

There is no question that many Houston, Texas, teens, physically look like adults. Outward appearances can be deceiving however and because their brains are still developing, they often make decisions many would categorize as unwise. While these decisions could result in consequences such as grounding by their parents, in other situations, depending on what the unwise decision is, it is possible that criminal charges could be filed.

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