On Aug. 11, law enforcement officials took a Bullard teenager into police custody for allegedly stealing a 2010 Massey Ferguson tractor. According to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, the teenager stole the machine and took it for a ‘joy ride” on July 30.

Purportedly, the tractor is worth at least $100,000. The Bullard teen allegedly took it from a work area near FM 2137 and Country Road 3602. The equipment was missing for approximately a week. On Aug. 7, officials reportedly discovered the tractor in a sylvan area in the Lakewood East Subdivision. Reportedly, a surveillance video helped officials identify the 17-year-old suspect, who allegedly admitted to taking the equipment. Officials ultimately charged the Bullard teenager with theft of property.

Police and prosecutors in Texas consider theft a serious offense and treat it in a commensurately serious manner. Thus, if convicted, people accused of theft may encounter grave consequences that can affect their lives in an adverse and enduring way. Potential penalties might include a permanent criminal record, incarceration, fines and probation. For this reason, it is imperative that accused individuals retain the counsel and resources of a criminal defense attorney to help establish an aggressive defense against the charges.

The lawyer may scrutinize the prosecution’s case for inaccuracies, contradictions and signs of police impropriety. If the prosecution’s case proves to be assailable, the lawyer may argue for the charges to be reduced or even dismissed outright. However, in the event that the prosecution’s case appears unassailable, the defense attorney may have the opportunity to negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors. If available, this type of agreement may allow accused individuals to receive mitigated or alternative penalties in exchange for entering a guilty plea to reduced charges.

Source: KLTV, “Sheriff: East Texas teen arrested for joy ride on stolen tractor“, August 13, 2014