On Sept. 20, a Texas man was accused of assaulting a store clerk after committing a robbery at the Valero gas station in Tyler. The alleged robbery occurred shortly before 10:30 a.m. on Loop 323. According to the store clerk involved, the 22-year-old accused man took a stack of scratch tickets before trying to flee the scene.

When the gas station employee attempted to stop the man, she claims that he then assaulted her. She was later treated at the scene for minor injuries. After the man exited the store, a 33-year-old female customer ran after him. The customer followed behind the accused man as he ran through a neighborhood. She reportedly stopped the pursuit when she could no longer see him.

When Tyler Police officers reported to the scene, they found the accused man near Driftwood and Woodland Hills in a creek bed. Police took the man into custody and charged him with robbery. He was also booked for multiple outstanding warrants. It is unclear what the warrants were for or when the man is scheduled to appear back in court.

A person in a similar situation may be able to succeed in having the assault charge dropped with the help of an attorney. If the items that were stolen during the incident were not of very much value, the charge for assault may be the more serious offense. A criminal defense attorney might be able to argue that the accused individual did not intentionally mean to cause harm to a store clerk who was attempting to stop them from leaving the scene.

Source: KETK, “Tyler man arrested following robbery and assault at gas station“, September 20, 2014