A 27-year-old man was detained on charges of DWI for allegedly driving erratically on a Texas highway on Aug. 23. Reports indicate that the man was released after posting $3,000 bail. The incident occurred on Texas 21 at around 4 p.m. A police dispatcher claims that calls started coming in concerning a man who was urinating and staggering on the roadside. Callers later claimed that the man was back in his truck and driving erratically, swerving down the highway.

Officers located the vehicle on Briarcrest Drive and pulled him over as he was about to turn southbound onto East 29th. They reportedly noticed a 16-ounce alcoholic beverage on the floorboard in the driver’s seat, and they requested the man exit the vehicle and submit to field sobriety testing. The driver allegedly told officers he consumed three beers before leaving Centerville. He was brought to St. Joseph Hospital and was charged with a DWI, which is Class B misdemeanor.

Individuals charged with drunk driving may benefit from conferring with a criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. Legal counsel might be able to develop a strategy after evaluating all of the details concerning the incident. An attorney may consider questioning the validity of a traffic stop or the credibility of the sobriety tests that were administered.

Defense lawyers often employ several different strategies or techniques in attempts to have the charges against a defendant lowered or dismissed. If a conviction seems imminent, an attorney may shift towards negotiating a plea agreement in an effort to get the sentencing reduced.

Source: theeagle.com, “Centerville man charged with DWI“, August 25, 2014