A 42-year-old woman in Texas was taken into custody on Oct. 17 for alleged cattle theft. Before the woman was handed the charge for theft of livestock, the Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association had been investigating the case for several months.

The investigation began when a constable in Panola County received a report about a person who had sold a cow but did not own cattle. The constable decided to contact a special ranger with the TSCRA for help investigating the case. According to investigators, the sale had occurred on June 28 at a livestock auction in East Texas. Although the cow that was sold had not been branded by its owner, a photo of the cow was positively identified by the owner, and the cow was traced to a Cherokee County ranch.

In a public statement, one of the investigators in the case advised other ranchers about the importance of branding their cattle. He said that the best defense against cattle rustling is branding. The investigator went on to say that livestock crimes often involve multiple counties and states since cows are usually loaded onto trailers and moved to several places.

It may be important for a person who has been charged for a similar offense to speak with an attorney about the details of their case. An attorney representing a defendant might examine the evidence against his or her client in order to build a solid defense. For instance, by scrutinizing police reports of the incident, an attorney might be able to uncover if a defendant’s rights were violated during detainment. In that event, charges could be reduced or dismissed.

Source: KTRE, “E. Texas woman arrested for cattle theft”, Gabby Tangassi, October 22, 2014