On Dec. 14, Texas authorities announced that a man accused of robbing a convenient store was taken into police custody. The alleged incident happened at a Corpus Christi store at approximately 1:15 p.m.

Authorities reported that the man entered the store on foot with a knife in hand, brandishing the weapon. He then reportedly demanded money. His demand apparently satisfied, the man fled from the store, authorities reported.

Police subsequently located, confronted and detained the man, who allegedly attempted to flee from the law enforcement officers to no avail. Once police had the man in custody, they purportedly found evidence related to the 1:15 p.m. incident at the convenience store as well as drugs. While the man was consequently charged with multiple offenses, it was not immediately clear what controlled substance the man is accused of possessing at the time of his detention nor how much of the substance he is alleged to have.

When people find themselves facing robbery charges, law enforcement officials suspect that they stole property or money through the use of physical force or threat of physical force. A robbery charge can be more severe if police suspect that a deadly weapon was employed during the incident. In any event, the accused individuals could face significant incarceration, subsequent probation and devastatingly expensive fines.

Retaining a criminal defense lawyer is essential. There are certain strategies that attorneys with experience practicing criminal law may use to challenge the integrity of the prosecution’s case and potentially obtain an outright dismissal of the charges. In some cases, the prosecution’s case proves to be unassailable despite an aggressive defense. A plea deal might be the best option available in that event.

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