Teens Face Animal Cruelty Charges After Recording Incident

There is no question that many Houston, Texas, teens, physically look like adults. Outward appearances can be deceiving however and because their brains are still developing, they often make decisions many would categorize as unwise. While these decisions could result in consequences such as grounding by their parents, in other situations, depending on what the unwise decision is, it is possible that criminal charges could be filed.

Two teens from a neighboring state are learning that firsthand. The two young men, ages 16 and 18 are accused of animal cruelty after one of them threw a dog off a bridge while the other teen filmed it. The dog, a Pitbull mix, survived the fall and is currently recovering. As is the case with many things uploaded to the internet these days, the video the second teen allegedly took went viral.

At this point, because both teens were under the age of 18 when the incident occurred, they have been charged as juveniles. The older man could eventually be charged as an adult.

A conviction for a criminal charge such as cruelty to animals can negatively change the life of someone facing it. This is even truer for a young person who is not even on his or her own yet. Cultivating a criminal record before one has even finished high school is not a desirable way to launch oneself in to the “grownup world.” For this reason, most find it beneficial to work with a criminal defense lawyer to address criminal matters.

Source: KTEN, “Dog tossed off bridge in Choctaw County recovering after surgery,” Meredith Yeomans, March 3, 2014