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February 2015 Archives

Juveniles charged as adults in Texas

In some cases, a prosecutor in Texas may elect to charge a juvenile as an adult for crimes allegedly committed by the young person. A juvenile who is charged as an adult will face adult penalties, including the possibility of prison time, rather than having the case proceed through the juvenile justice system.

TV thieves await arraignment

Two Texas men were arrested for allegedly stealing several TV sets from stores in the Mission area. The men, who are brothers, were awaiting arraignment at the time of the report, and a third man has been arrested for his involvement in the crimes as well.

Alleged Texas bank robbery ring busted

According to a joint violent crimes task force, a sophisticated bank robbery ring operating out of northeast Houston has been busted, resulting in 22 arrests and one person at large. Reportedly, charges were filed against all of the people alleged to be involved following an investigation that began in July 2014 due to a Crime Stoppers tip.

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