According to a joint violent crimes task force, a sophisticated bank robbery ring operating out of northeast Houston has been busted, resulting in 22 arrests and one person at large. Reportedly, charges were filed against all of the people alleged to be involved following an investigation that began in July 2014 due to a Crime Stoppers tip.

According to officers, the suspects were involved in the commission of 19 violent bank robberies in which weapons were used. Investigators indicate the scheme involved multiple lookout vehicles, getaway cars, stolen vehicles and recruitment.

Officers allege the 23 suspects grew up together in Tidwell and Homestead and were affiliated with one another through gang involvement, friendships and family relationships. One 24-year-old man suspected in a July 28, 2014 robbery of the Shared Resources Credit Union in Pasadena remained at large at the time of the report, while the other 22 people were all in custody. Many of the suspects are facing multiple felony charges in connection with their alleged participation in the ring.

When a robbery ring is suspected, people who have not had involvement in the actual ring but have relationships with ring members may sometimes be wrongly swept up and charged as ring members. People who are accused of conspiring as a part of a criminal ring may need to get help from a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The attorney may be able to investigate further and uncover strong defense information to present to the prosecution.

Source:, “More than a dozen suspects connected to massive robbery ring in Houston area,” Nakia Cooper, Jan. 27, 2015