The Texas police have taken three individuals into custody after several residents and business owners in Oak Ridge North complained that they had taken exorbitant amounts of money to do repair work on driveways but did not complete the jobs as promised. They had been going door to door, using unethical and illegal sales tactics as well as failing to deliver on work that they had been paid for.

Several residents complained of work that they had recently done in the area. They claimed that the driveway work was not done properly and that the price was often much higher than the men had represented. For example, one business owner said that they told him that they could fix holes in a driveway for a price in the low hundreds. However, the men allegedly only laid down a little amount of gravel and then allegedly tried to charge the business owner $4,000.

They were also accused of other unethical acts such as pressuring an elderly woman into paying them $2,000 for driveway work that she did not need and taking money for building an addition onto a driveway but again leaving only a thin layer of gravel on the ground. Police say that they’re still investigating the accusations, and they have announced their intentions to file charges of fraud against the three men.

Convictions for fraud carry serious penalties in the state of Texas, including the possibility of both fines and imprisonment. Anyone who has been accused of such infractions of the law may wish to seek a lawyer’s advice to help to prepare the defense and carry out any necessary negotiations with the prosecution.

Source:, “Police prepare fraud charges over driveway repair work,” Robert Arnold, April 14, 2015