A Texas man was charged with stealing a security camera from a local day care in Fort Worth on March 27. The local resident was suspected after images from the stolen camera were analyzed and the image of the person who took the camera was discovered.

The local police said that camera was stolen on March 12. Clear shots of a man’s face were caught on camera and released in local news clips. According to the day care staff, the same man called the business and allegedly threatened them after seeing his picture on the television.

The suspect was later taken into custody and booked into jail on a theft warrant. He also was booked on a weapons charge for allegedly wearing brass knuckles on the same day that he was detained. Other charges levied against the man included retaliation and local misdemeanor warrants.

If a person is convicted after facing allegations of theft, they might face serious penalties, such as incarceration and heavy fines. In some cases, these sanctions may be exacerbated by additional convictions on other charges that were levied when a defendant was taken into custody. It may be prudent for a person who is facing such charges to work with a criminal defense lawyer. That lawyer might be able to review the case and develop a strategy that either seeks acquittal or attempts to mitigate possible sanctions. If negotiations with the prosecution do not offer a favorable result, that lawyer might attempt to take the case to trial.

Source: WFAA, “Fort Worth police arrest daycare thief caught on camera,” WFAA Staff writers, March 27, 2015