A homebuilder in Texas was indicted on theft charges after several customers complained that he never finished the construction jobs that they had paid him to complete. The accused man and his attorney reportedly attended a court appearance on April 21 and handed the prosecutor evidence that the alleged theft victims had already been financially compensated for their losses.

The homebuilder was indicted on theft charges by the Hidalgo County District Attorney’s Office in the fall of 2013. At the time, more than 12 customers had filed lawsuits against the man for complaints involving unfinished construction work. When the man agreed to reimburse the victims named in the indictment, his case was dismissed. About one year later, he was indicted again when the DA found that the victims had not been reimbursed.

The accused homebuilder’s case involves testimony that was provided by several of the man’s former customers. One customer alleges that he paid the man $250,000 to build a house that remained unfinished years later, and another former customer claims that she lost $30,000 by paying the man for work he never finished. At the man’s most recent court hearing, the prosecutor said that the proof of payment made to the alleged victims needed to be confirmed by the time of next month’s scheduled court hearing.

A business owner who is facing theft charges may be able to avoid criminal convictions by agreeing to financially compensate the alleged victims. An attorney can assist a client in this position in working out a satisfactory arrangement that would result in a dismissal of the charges upon a showing that payments had been made as agreed.

Source: KRGV.com, “Indicted Home Builder in Court,” April 21, 2015