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May 2016 Archives

What to do after a child is arrested

One of a parent's worst nightmares is getting the phone call that their child has been arrested. Driving down to the police station, a million questions and fears overwhelm you. What could have caused him or her to do this? Will he or she have a criminal record forever? What kind of penalties will the court give? What kind of punishment should YOU give? What happened?

My child was interrogated by the school principal.

A school principal is undisputed an agent of the State of Texas.  Yet the rules that apply to police officers interrogating do not apply to school administrators.  Even if the police officer detains your child and brings them to the principal.  As long as the police officer leaves the room prior to the interrogation by the school principal the rights granted to any person when interrogated by the police do not apply.  In The Matter of VP.   This includes the right to an attorney or the right to remain silent.  So even though the principal is an agent of the State, they are not law enforcement and the questioning by a school principal is not a custodial interrogation as it would have been had a police officer conducted the questioning of your child. 

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