As you might imagine, the state of Texas takes a hard stance against providing drugs and alcohol to minors. One Houston mother recently discovered this, facing several criminal charges after providing alcohol – and hydrocodone – to her 18-year-old son and his date for after-prom partying.

The teens took the drugs and alcohol at a hotel following prom, and the 17 year-old-girl died from overdose and rough abuse by the boy.

While most parents would never intentionally supply their children with drugs, many are tempted to provide alcohol to their teens, convinced that if they keep the drinking in the house, they prevent their children from engaging in more risky under-age drinking elsewhere.

While parents often do this with good intentions and an eye to the big-picture, the law still disagrees. If you are found to be supplying minors with drinks, you could face significant criminal charges – or even civil lawsuits from other parents, if things go wrong.

If you are charged with providing alcohol to minors, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side advocating for you to avoid harsh sentencing that could jeopardize your family life and your job.

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