Law enforcement around the world has made a concerted effort to prevent the sale of drugs online. However, the dark web is being used more and more to make these transactions and to transport drugs across the globe. The dark web is made up of secondary overlay networks that cannot be accessed through the public internet without special software and skills.

The deals are usually high volume and made to supply drug rings. Few people are able to access these market places, so the purchases are often made on behalf of others. A study by the Global Drug Survey indicated that nearly 8 percent of drug users had used the dark web to purchase drugs.

The complexity of this web makes it difficult for law enforcement to stop its use for drugs or to catch those using it for illegal activity. Governments around the world will continue to make every effort to stop its use – and to prosecute those they find using the dark web to get and distribute drugs.

Whether you are charged with simple possession charges or serious tracking charges, it is critical that you take drug charges seriously and seek the best possible legal representation to protect your rights.

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