We know summer has come to an end because Labor Day weekend is upon us. Whether you plan to spend the long weekend hanging out with friends, traveling or barbecuing in your own backyard, it’s important to avoid driving if you have been drinking.

TxDOT reports that Labor Day weekend is known as a dangerous time on our roadways, and last year, there were 359 DUI-alcohol accidents, including 12 fatalities, that took place over the holiday weekend.

People who drive drunk don’t just risk harming themselves and others, they also risk the serious legal and financial consequences that come along with a DWI in the state of Texas.

A drunk driving conviction can cost up to $17,000 in fines and fees, and drivers can lose their licenses for an extended period of time. Not only that, a conviction can stay with a person for life, getting in the way of many future opportunities.

The only sure way to prevent a DWI is to avoid drinking and driving in the first place.

Of course, it is also widely-known that police officers are often over-zealous on holiday weekends like Labor Day. Officers may pull over drivers without probable cause, and they may accuse drivers of being drunk when they are under the legal limit to drive.

If you are stopped for suspicion of DWI, always be polite and cooperate with the officer.  You can never win an arguement with an officer on the side of the road.  Politely refuse to answer any questions about where you have been, how much you have had to drink or on how intoxicated you believe you are.   Police love to ask you on a scale of 1 to 10 how intoxicated do you believe you are.

Politely refuse to do any test that they ask you to do.  Once asked immediately tell the officer that you want your lawyer present prior to any questioning.  If they tell you that you do not have a right to an attorney, continue to insist that you want your attorney present.  NEVER consent to take a breath test or blood test.  If they get a warrant, so be it, but never consent.

Anytime a person is accused of drunk driving in Texas it is important to contact an experience criminal defense attorney who can review the facts surrounding the case and make sure that the driver’s rights are protected.

In Texas, it can be very difficult to beat a DWI charge, and in some cases, it is difficult to avoid facing felony charges for allegedly driving drunk. For these reasons, it’s important to have an experienced lawyer on your side.

Keep reading for more information on what to do immediately after a DWI arrest in Fort Bend County, Texas. Hint: You should never, ever just plead guilty and take what the prosecution offers.