The Benefits of Hiring a Local Attorney

When you are facing a criminal charge, your highest priority should be finding the best possible criminal defense lawyer to defend your future.

If you are from the Richmond, Texas, area, you may be thinking that an attorney from a big Houston law firm is your best bet. However, the truth is that there is a huge value in hiring a local firm. Here’s how Fort Bend County’s Law Office of Larry P. McDougal compares to Houston firms:

We know court staff, police officers and prosecutors. Of course, that doesn’t mean our clients get special treatment, but it does make working collaboratively with these individuals much easier, which results in a huge benefit to our clients.

We are well-respected in our tight-knit community. When picking juries, we often know many of the people on the panel, and they know us. Members of the jury are much more likely to trust a local attorney who they know and respect than a big city attorney who they have never seen before.

We only practice in Fort Bend County. Who better to build a case on your behalf than a lawyer who knows Fort Bend County like the back of his hand? Only a local firm can truly leave no stone unturned when building your defense.

We offer the same quality of representation as Houston firms. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, especially when it comes to law firms. We have the skills and experience necessary to vigorously defend your future, while also offering more personalized representation than large firms are capable of.

Work with the home team for home-field advantage

Sure, the big Houston firms have fancy waiting rooms and their lawyers wear expensive suits. But they can’t offer you the attention, familiarity and personal connections that a local firm can. When you find a local attorney with extensive experience and knowledge on top of it, there is no question that he is your best choice for effective legal representation.

Working with Law Office of Larry P. McDougal is like having a home-field advantage in the game of your life. Most days, we are at the county courthouse even before the doors open, and we can be there fighting for you, if you let us.