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Those Marijuana Dabs Could Result in a Texas Felony Charge


More people than ever before are consuming marijuana in the forms of dabs. Dabs are marijuana concentrates, often inhaled after vaporizing it on hot metal or glass. Also called butane hash oil (BHO), wax, glass or shatter, these highly potent marijuana extracts are incredibly popular these days.

With more states legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational adult use every year, Americans have become less concerned about marijuana consumption. This relaxed attitude can lead to people forgetting that marijuana in any form remains illegal federally and in most states, including Texas.

People like dabs for a variety of reasons

There are a host of reasons why regular marijuana users prefer marijuana dabs to smoked marijuana flower. First of all, regular users can enjoy a much higher dose with less work. Also, those with serious medical conditions can ingest a dose strong enough to ensure medical benefits, like seizure suppression.

Secondly, vaporizing is much better for the lungs than inhaling combusted plant material. Finally, dabs have much less of that tell-tale smell commonly associated with marijuana, making it easier to hide on your person, in your vehicle or even when using it.

All of these reasons, however, pale in light of the fact that Texas considers the possession of any amount of marijuana concentrates a felony. This doesn’t just apply to the potent dabs people use these days, but to much weaker forms of concentrates, like pressed hashish. If you do end up caught in possession of marijuana concentrates, it could prove to be a life-altering mistake.

Texas considers having marijuana concentrates a felony

While possession of as much as four ounces of marijuana in its natural state results in a misdemeanor charge, possession of any amount of a marijuana concentrate like BHO is a felony. Even if law enforcement only finds a minuscule amount of residue inside your vaporizer pen, you could end up spending between 180 days and two years in jail and paying a fine of up to $10,000.

What’s more, you’ll very likely face secondary charges related to the possession of paraphernalia for any containers, pipes, vaporizers, torches or scales in your possession. These paraphernalia charges may not carry additional jail time, but each item could add a $500 fine.

Those charged with possession between one and four grams face penalties including that $10,000 fine and between two and 10 years in jail. In cases where the amount of cannabis concentrate is between four and 400 grams, the potential maximum sentence increases to 20 years.

If you made edibles with marijuana concentrates, like hash brownies, you could end up facing charges based on the full weight of the baked goods, not just the marijuana concentrate inside them!

In addition to jail time and massive fines, you’ll also end up saddled with a criminal record that includes a drug felony. That will make finding a job, securing a place to live or continuing your education much more difficult.