How Can All Drivers Improve Motorcycle Safety?

The roads in Texas can be hard to navigate due to traffic, construction and other road conditions. With all the risks present, it is no surprise that there are so many traffic accidents each year. Passenger vehicle operators, truckers and professional drivers all face their share of struggles.

But motorcyclists are at higher risk of crashing than most other drivers, and when they crash, they have a greater likelihood of sustaining serious injuries. How can all drivers work toward making the road safer for motorcyclists?

How motorcyclists can protect themselves

Motorcyclists have a responsibility to contribute to their own safety. They can take defensive riding courses and disengage from dangerous driving behaviors such as weaving in and out of lanes of traffic. They can also choose to wear the correct safety gear along with bright colors. For example, reflective strips on a motorcycle and on a motorcyclist’s jacket and helmet can be eye-catching, and this can help prevent crashes.

Additionally, motorcyclists can hit the road understanding their disadvantages. Knowing the dangers allows riders to take precautions against them.

How drivers can protect motorcyclists

It is important for everyone to protect motorcyclists from unnecessary dangers on the road. Drivers can contribute by carefully examining their surroundings for motorcyclists. This is especially important when merging or changing lanes. Drivers should pay close attention when turning left or approaching an intersection as well. These locations are often the scenes of car and motorcycle crashes.

Remembering that motorcyclists share the road can also be a big help. Motorists should keep an eye out for their jackets and try to drive with music or other noise at a minimal volume. This will allow them to hear motorcycles approaching, even if drivers cannot see them. No one should ever make any sudden movements without checking their blind spots, both in the mirror and with a brief glance over the shoulder.