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Concealed Carry Permits Allow Eligible Adults To Carry A Handgun Most Places

Under Texas law and tradition, eligible citizens over the age of 21 may carry a concealed weapon. Except where expressly forbidden, such as schools and churches, it is legal and common to carry a handgun into a grocery store, a movie theater, a bus or anywhere else.

Yet there is a downside to the safety and security of the concealed carry law. If you were forced to draw your weapon or fire it, you may suddenly be facing criminal charges. If you are accused of a separate crime, merely possessing a weapon may upgrade that offense to a more serious felony charge.

The Law Office of Larry McDougal in Richmond, Texas, advocates for gun owners who find themselves on the wrong side of the concealed carry law. Attorney Larry P. McDougal Sr. uses his law enforcement background and 37-plus years of criminal defense experience to fight the charges or mitigate the impact. We represent clients throughout Fort Bend County in all weapon-related matters.

Fort Bend County Criminal Defense Lawyers For Crimes Involving Concealed Handguns

If you are caught with a gun in your car and accused of committing any crime other than a traffic offense, you may be charged with violating Texas weapons law. For example, we represented a young man accused of operating an unauthorized fireworks stand. Because police found a gun in his car, he was charged with a Class A weapon offense instead of a simple Class C misdemeanor.

Even if you use your firearm under the intent of the law — to protect yourself, another person or your property — the county prosecutor may not see it that way. We have represented clients accused of murder, illegal discharge of a weapon and other criminal charges. Once you take your legally permitted weapon out of its holster, the burden of proof shifts and you may have to defend your actions in a court of law.

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No matter how outrageous or overblown the charges may seem, legal representation is critical because of the serious ramifications. If convicted, you might face not only jail and a criminal record, but the forfeiture of your right to own firearms or carry a concealed gun. Larry P. McDougal Sr. is a former police officer, sheriff’s deputy and prosecuting attorney who knows the law from both sides. He can assert your rights and provide a strong defense against weapon charges.

Contact us today to talk to us about any problem relating to concealed carry permits. At The Law Office of Larry McDougal, we extend a free, confidential consultation.