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Fort Bend Sex Offender Registration

Failure to Register as a Sex Offender in Texas

From prison time, a felony record and public scorn to the sex offender registry, being labeled a sexual offender can severely restrict your right to freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Any violations of the strict rules that come with a criminal charge or conviction can result in new charges and incarceration.

At The Law Office of Larry McDougal, we know that avoiding the sex offender registry is often the most important issue to our clients. For this reason, we provide a skilled defense and use strong negotiation tactics to help you achieve results. We also defend individuals facing felony charges for failure to comply with the Texas Sex Offender Registry Program.

Our Fort Bend criminal defense lawyers understand the burdens of sex offender registration and the lifelong consequences. We use our law enforcement background to your advantage to fight the allegations or mitigate the penalties.

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The Sexual Offender Registration Program (SORP) recognizes five levels of risk, from those considered dangerous predators to those deemed least harmful to the general public or least likely to re-offend. The higher the level, the greater the restrictions and monitoring. Texas sex crimes subject to SORP require lifetime sex offender registration, except for indecency by exposure, which carries “only” a 10-year registration. This 10-year registration applies to convictions of indecency with a child, indecent exposure second offense, online solicitation of a minor and prostitution if the solicited person is under 18.

Sex offender registration requires regular check-in with a probation officer and notifying law enforcement of any change in residence or employment. Higher-level offenders may be restricted from holding certain jobs or living near a school or may have their name and photo posted on a state website or their status revealed to neighbors. Every police department and sheriff’s office has a unit that knocks on doors to make sure registered offenders are where they are supposed to be. Fort Bend County has an assistant prosecutor who handles nothing but sex offender violations.

Experienced Defense for Sex Offender Registration Violations

Criminal defense attorney Larry McDougal Sr. formerly served as a police officer and prosecutor. He knows how to challenge sex crime allegations and subsequent charges of violating the sex offender registration rules. Can the government prove its case? Was the violation an honest mistake or a minor technicality? Are there mitigating factors?

We explore possible plea agreements that would downgrade or avoid sex offender status. For example, a charge of sexual assault might be reduced to indecency by exposure or aggravated assault, avoiding lifetime sex offender registration. Our lawyers know what kind of evidence or argument is needed to strike such a deal, and we are always prepared to try the case if it’s not possible to get charges dismissed or take sex offender status off the table.

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Our legal team will work for the most favorable outcome and inform you of your options so that you can make the best decision if faced with these serious allegations.

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