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The Repercussions Of Domestic Violence Allegations Must Always Be Taken Seriously

Even if the incident seemed minor to you, a conviction for domestic violence carries not only criminal penalties but many collateral consequences.

If you are accused of domestic violence, you need to fully understand what is at stake, including long-term ramifications for civil rights, parental rights, and employment. At The Law Office of Larry McDougal, we help clients confront the accusations and avoid the worst sanctions.

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Fort Bend County Criminal Law Firm Defense Against Charges Of Family Violence

The repercussions of a domestic violence arrest can be many, including:

  • Removal from your home
  • A protective order that prevents you from seeing your children
  • A knock against you in divorce and custody proceedings
  • Loss of your right to possess firearms
  • Deportation if you are not a naturalized U.S. citizen
  • Sanctions against your professional license
  • Mandatory anger management counseling
  • A criminal conviction that must be disclosed and cannot be deferred or expunged
  • Additional criminal charges for violating a protective order

Many clients are alarmed to discover that a heated argument or minor altercation can have such serious consequences. Even if the victim recants or refuses to cooperate, the district attorney will not necessarily drop the charges. A weapon, serious injuries or prior convictions may elevate the charges to a felony with the likelihood of jail or prison time.

It is critical to obtain legal counsel as early as possible. Although the court will usually grant a temporary protective order, we can fight the permanent protective order and the criminal charges. We have represented people from all walks of life, including many clients from India, Pakistan and other countries whose cultural norms are considered criminal conduct under the Texas domestic violence statutes.

Criminal defense attorney Larry McDougal Sr. is a former police officer and prosecutor. He understands the law and how domestic abuse cases are investigated and charged. In many cases, he can intervene to get charges reduced if not dismissed altogether or avoid a permanent protective order.

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