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Failed Breathalyzer Test?

DWI defense attorney Larry P. McDougal Sr. has more than three and a half decades of experience representing his clients arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. With formal DWI accusations challenging to beat and often being charged as a felony, you need an attorney who does not provide standard, “cookie cutter” representation. You need a dedicated advocate who treats each case individually, employing creative strategies to secure the best outcome.

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A Breathalyzer, specifically the Intoxilyzer, plays a significant role in many drunk driving convictions. Police use the data to make arrests. Prosecutors incorporate the information into their cases to meet the burden of proof against a defendant. Those charged with first-time or multiple DWIs believe that their only option is to forego legal representation and accept a plea bargain.

Breathalyzer testing is fallible. The device itself can be flawed. Improper coding and maintenance can make it extremely unreliable. Far too many outside factors may come into play that lead to a falsely high result. Yet, the data is heavily relied on to convict people of DWI.

A drunk driving conviction has consequences beyond jail time and fines. License suspension can impact your professional and personal lives. Increased insurance rates could create serious financial difficulties. A criminal record can have a negative impact on job and educational pursuits. Commercial drivers face the possible end of their careers.

In the end, you will choose whether to plead guilty or go to trial. Larry P. McDougal Sr. is a trial attorney who does not shy away from the courtroom. His skills and success in preparing your DWI defense for trial provides him much-needed leverage and gives you quality options.

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