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Posts tagged "Juvenile Crimes"

What should I know about Texas juvenile justice?

The juvenile justice system in Texas tries to help juveniles who have started to follow the wrong path. A parent who has a child in this system usually has a lot of questions and concerns because the juvenile justice system is a lot different from the adult criminal justice system.

The clown sightings: Sick joke or serious offense?

The 2016 clown panic started in mid-August when residents of Greenville, South Carolina, called police reporting that there were clowns lurking around in the woods outside of town. Since then, more than 100 clown sightings have been reported.

My child was interrogated by the school principal.

A school principal is undisputed an agent of the State of Texas.  Yet the rules that apply to police officers interrogating do not apply to school administrators.  Even if the police officer detains your child and brings them to the principal.  As long as the police officer leaves the room prior to the interrogation by the school principal the rights granted to any person when interrogated by the police do not apply.  In The Matter of VP.   This includes the right to an attorney or the right to remain silent.  So even though the principal is an agent of the State, they are not law enforcement and the questioning by a school principal is not a custodial interrogation as it would have been had a police officer conducted the questioning of your child. 

Harris County cracks down on animal cruelty

Law enforcement officers in the state of Texas take the commission of crimes seriously. While residents of Houston are likely aware of this as it pertains to serious crimes such as homicide or sexual assault, they may not know that it applies to crimes involving cruelty to animals as well. In fact the Harris County District Attorney takes it so seriously that the office partners with several other entities to combat the issue.

Teens often confess to crimes they did not commit

For those living in the Houston, Texas area who have never experienced the criminal justice system, it is likely difficult to imagine a time in which someone would confess to a crime that they did not commit. The reality however is that it occurs more often than most would believe. This trend is most likely to occur when a suspect is a juvenile.

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