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Posts tagged "crim"

Public outcry over drug arrests in Texas

Three recent arrests have led to public outrage over the possibility the young people may face a minimum mandatory of 10 years in prison up to lifetime indeterminate sentencing. All three were stopped for unnamed traffic violations in the Panhandle, and all three were caught with marijuana edibles, including brownies and chocolate bars.

Texas synthetic drug case results in probation sentence

According to court documents, a woman who was charged as one of 14 people who allegedly sold synthetic drugs at businesses in Victoria pleaded guilty. The woman's plea was entered on March 17. The court sentenced her to 7 years probation on a deferred adjudication, which means that if she successfully completes its terms, there will be no conviction on her record. If she violates, however, she will face the maximum sentence for the charges.

Interrogation and false memories

According to research published in a psychological journal, persons accused of a crime in states such as Texas can be easily led to produce a false memory of a crime they never committed. The research is based on a lab study done in British Columbia. It concludes that false memories can be produced in normal individuals in as short a time as three hours with the right inducements.

Genetics and the likelihood of delinquency

Texas residents may be surprised to hear that a new study indicates that certain genetic factors combined with someone's environment may contribute to an increase or decrease in delinquency. The study, which was published in the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, looked at three genes and their variants: MAOA, BDNF and 5-HTTLPR.

Texas man accused of illegally firing gun

A 22-year-old man has been detained by police after he allegedly fired multiple shots from his home in Texarkana. Police were summoned to the man's home after neighbors complained that he had been firing shots with a handgun from his porch. Police officers arrived at approximately 9:30 p.m. on the evening of Aug. 21 and reportedly saw the man fire 13 shots from the porch. The man's home is located in the 300 block of Blanton Street.

Tattoos take on new meaning for prosecutors

It is likely that many people reading this right now have tattoos. They are a popular way that people from all backgrounds choose to express things in a permanent manner. Whether it is to commemorate a major event such as the birth of a child or to remember someone who has died, the story and meaning behind each tattoo varies depending on the person sporting it.

Ingredient in brownies leads to serious drug charges against teen

It is a well known fact that teenagers often engage in behavior that is questionable. Most of the time, the actions they take do not result in serious consequences. Other times however, they can lead them into the criminal justice system. A Texas teen is facing this right now.

Teacher placed on leave from work after drug arrest

While there are certain stereotypes many who live in the Houston area may associate with individuals accused of drug crimes, the reality is people of all backgrounds are arrested for this on a regular basis. This is perhaps best illustrated in the recent arrest of 31-year-old Texas elementary school teacher. The woman was one of four who were taken into custody after a drug bust at her apartment.

Use of shooting simulator with grand juries prompts questions

In some situations, in the state of Texas, before someone can be charged with a crime, he or she must first be indicted by a grand jury. The outcome of these proceedings, in which a prosecutor may be the only attorney present, determines whether someone will be charged with a crime. In making that decision, testimony and evidence will be offered. Currently controversy is brewing regarding a tool used by prosecutors in some Harris County grand jury proceedings. 

Houston area man charged in connection with 2 incidents at winery

A local restaurateur is facing criminal charges associated with two arrests in the course of several days. Both arrests are in connection with incidents that allegedly occurred at the Duchman Family Winery which he once owned with another individual. In total, as a result of the two arrests, the man has posted $20,000 bond.

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