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Posts tagged "criminal record"

The conversation that could save your college student's future

If your son or daughter is going off to college this fall, you are probably filled with many different emotions. You are likely astonished at how fast the years have flown by, excited for your son or daughter's future, and a little sad that there will be one less person at the dining table (until the holidays, at least).

Why your criminal record doesn't have to ruin your life

Anyone who has been convicted of a crime in the past knows that a criminal record has far-reaching consequences. Even years after you have carried out your sentence, you may find yourself unable to get a job, a loan or a place to live because of one mistake.

My child was interrogated by the school principal.

A school principal is undisputed an agent of the State of Texas.  Yet the rules that apply to police officers interrogating do not apply to school administrators.  Even if the police officer detains your child and brings them to the principal.  As long as the police officer leaves the room prior to the interrogation by the school principal the rights granted to any person when interrogated by the police do not apply.  In The Matter of VP.   This includes the right to an attorney or the right to remain silent.  So even though the principal is an agent of the State, they are not law enforcement and the questioning by a school principal is not a custodial interrogation as it would have been had a police officer conducted the questioning of your child. 

Being assaulted by a golf ball is not violent crime if it is on a golf course.

The question has been asked if you are hit by a golf ball on a golf course is an Assault.  The short answer is no. The person hitting the golf ball must have acted recklessly or intentionally when they hit the ball.  Just because some hit a bad shot that hit you, that does not constitute an assault.  The courts have held that there is an inadverent risk of harm anytime you play golf or even sitting in the stands of a baseball game. 

Search Warrants for your home.

So the police show up at your door and want to search your home.  First never consent to anything the police want you to do.  Tell them to come back when they have a Search Warrant.  Should they have that Search Warrant, you have to allow them access to your entire home.  Including bed rooms, safes and drawers.  That piece of paper allows them to rummage through your entire home.  This even allows them to break into desk, safes and locked rooms.

Texas woman accused of theft of ammunition

On May 15, it was reported that a Texas woman who was accused of attempting to pawn boxes of ammunition was taken into police custody. A detective, who claimed that the woman attempted to make the transaction while they were both in the pawn shop, stated that the 50-year-old woman reportedly had 50 boxes of ammunition that had been stolen in her possession.

TV thieves await arraignment

Two Texas men were arrested for allegedly stealing several TV sets from stores in the Mission area. The men, who are brothers, were awaiting arraignment at the time of the report, and a third man has been arrested for his involvement in the crimes as well.

Texas teen faces charges in connection with stolen farm equipment

On Aug. 11, law enforcement officials took a Bullard teenager into police custody for allegedly stealing a 2010 Massey Ferguson tractor. According to the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office, the teenager stole the machine and took it for a 'joy ride" on July 30.

Houston megachurch the site of theft

A popular local church was the site of a robbery earlier this month. Lakewood Church, the congregation of which is led by Pastor Joel Osteen, was the site of the crime. According to the Houston Police Department, a total of $600,000 made up of checks and cash, was removed from a safe at the church. In addition, credit card information that was written down and placed in envelopes for donation at a service the previous weekend was also taken. Though the matter is currently under investigation, at this point there isn’t any information regarding suspects.

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