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Posts tagged "felony"

How statutes of limitations work in Texas

Statute of limitations laws set a limit for prosecuting certain crimes. The criminal charges must be filed within the time period specified or they cannot be filed at all. The reason these laws are in place is so that evidence that has deteriorated over time is not used to make convictions.

Alleged Texas bank robbery ring busted

According to a joint violent crimes task force, a sophisticated bank robbery ring operating out of northeast Houston has been busted, resulting in 22 arrests and one person at large. Reportedly, charges were filed against all of the people alleged to be involved following an investigation that began in July 2014 due to a Crime Stoppers tip.

Texas woman apprehended, charged in alleged bank robbery

Officers with the Lacy Lakeview Police Department have announced that a 20-year-old Fort Worth woman has been taken into custody for allegedly robbing a Lacy Lakeview bank on Dec. 29. According to reports, the robbery occured around 11:40 a.m. at the Extraco Bank on Loop 340.

Texas woman detained in relation to alleged theft ring

Police detained a 33-year-old resident of Balch Springs on the morning of July 8 in relation to her alleged participation in a theft ring. Authorities sought the woman after receiving reports of stolen property in her home; she was stopped in an allegedly stolen vehicle. Police claim to have received the woman's permission to search her home in the course of detaining her.

Two charged in connection with theft of 300-year-old violin

Each day residents of the Houston, Texas, area find that they have lost property because someone else has taken it. While the items taken vary, there are certain objects all have probably gotten used to hearing about such as cell phones, computers, money and automobiles. Recently a theft in another state made the news as a result of the uniqueness of the item taken. The item was a nearly 300-year-old Stradivarius violin.

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