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Posts tagged "fraud"

3 accused of committing sham driveway repairs

The Texas police have taken three individuals into custody after several residents and business owners in Oak Ridge North complained that they had taken exorbitant amounts of money to do repair work on driveways but did not complete the jobs as promised. They had been going door to door, using unethical and illegal sales tactics as well as failing to deliver on work that they had been paid for.

What is a Ponzi scheme?

A person in Texas may be accused of operating a Ponzi scheme if they are running an investment scheme that is completely funded by new investors. In a Ponzi scheme, the organizer will promise investors a return on their investment even though the organizer knows that there are no real business earnings. Early-stage investors will then be paid with money that comes in from new investors.

What are the penalties for money laundering?

In Texas, a person can be accused of money laundering if they knowingly used or acquired proceeds through criminal activity like drug trafficking or mortgage fraud. For example, a person can be charged with this offense if he or she uses the proceeds of drug sales, for instance, to further expand the illegal activity. An individual who conceals funds acquired through criminal activity could also be charged with money laundering.

16 charged in connection with bank fraud scheme

Authorities reported on Sept. 11 that prosecutors in Grayson County recently obtained indictments for 16 individuals who were allegedly involved in a Northern Texas fraud scheme. Prosecutors accused the individuals of causing bank losses exceeding $1.3 million.

Halfway house employee pleads guilty to embezzlement

A Texas woman was charged for embezzling money orders and checks while she worked as an administrative assistant at a halfway house. The 44-year-old woman pleaded guilty to her charges on July 29 and is now free on bond. Although she could face a maximum of 10 years behind bars, the woman has reportedly worked out a plea agreement that will require her to pay back over $90,000. The other details of her plea deal have not been reported, and it is unclear how long of a sentence she is expected to receive.

University employee accused of embezzlement

A crime need not be violent in nature for it to result in serious consequence upon conviction. In the state of Texas, white collar crimes such as money laundering, computer crimes and various kinds of fraud are taken very seriously, Accordingly, it is important that individuals who are accused of crimes that fit under the white collar umbrella take steps to make sure they do everything they can to defend themselves against the accusations. 

Local professors accused of fraud

Following an arrest for a crime, the outcome is far from a foregone conclusion. Depending on a variety of things, including how an accused elects to defend him or herself against the allegations, the end result of the case will vary. Because of this, it is important that someone facing criminal charges of any kind takes steps to create a defense as soon as he or she becomes aware of what is going on. In the best case scenario, action should be taken before charges are even brought, during the investigation phase.

Guilty plea in tax fraud case could lead to decades behind bars

With the filing deadline less than a month away, income taxes are on the minds of many this time of year. While Houston area residents are gathering the documents needed to complete their income tax returns, two residents are facing the consequences for pleading guilty of filing fraudulent tax returns.

Texas couple convicted of healthcare fraud

Over the course of the past few months several residents of Texas have been convicted of healthcare fraud. The cases involved the federal Medicare and Medicaid systems. Accordingly, the charges were all brought in federal court. While all criminal cases could result in serious consequences, this is particularly true where federal charges are concerned. In addition, federal prosecutors usually have resources at their disposal that allow them to build strong cases against the accused.

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