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Posts tagged "penalties"

Being assaulted by a golf ball is not violent crime if it is on a golf course.

The question has been asked if you are hit by a golf ball on a golf course is an Assault.  The short answer is no. The person hitting the golf ball must have acted recklessly or intentionally when they hit the ball.  Just because some hit a bad shot that hit you, that does not constitute an assault.  The courts have held that there is an inadverent risk of harm anytime you play golf or even sitting in the stands of a baseball game. 

3 accused of committing sham driveway repairs

The Texas police have taken three individuals into custody after several residents and business owners in Oak Ridge North complained that they had taken exorbitant amounts of money to do repair work on driveways but did not complete the jobs as promised. They had been going door to door, using unethical and illegal sales tactics as well as failing to deliver on work that they had been paid for.

Juveniles charged as adults in Texas

In some cases, a prosecutor in Texas may elect to charge a juvenile as an adult for crimes allegedly committed by the young person. A juvenile who is charged as an adult will face adult penalties, including the possibility of prison time, rather than having the case proceed through the juvenile justice system.

TV thieves await arraignment

Two Texas men were arrested for allegedly stealing several TV sets from stores in the Mission area. The men, who are brothers, were awaiting arraignment at the time of the report, and a third man has been arrested for his involvement in the crimes as well.

Man arrested for alleged 8th DUI offense

A Trophy Club man was taken into custody on suspicion he committed an eighth DUI offense following his indictment on the charges on Jan. 8. The allegations stem from an accident that allegedly occurred in November 2014. He was named in the indictment in December 2014.

Man charged with DWI following accident that left 1 dead

A man who was accused of causing two wrecks in Texas while under the influence of alcohol was taken into police custody on Dec. 11. The first accident occurred at approximately 11 p.m. while the second accident, which left a 40-year-old driver dead, occurred a short time later.

What are the penalties for money laundering?

In Texas, a person can be accused of money laundering if they knowingly used or acquired proceeds through criminal activity like drug trafficking or mortgage fraud. For example, a person can be charged with this offense if he or she uses the proceeds of drug sales, for instance, to further expand the illegal activity. An individual who conceals funds acquired through criminal activity could also be charged with money laundering.

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