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A high percentage of juvenile arrests originate in the schools, from drug deals and thefts to fights and sexual misconduct. In fact, school officials commonly use the criminal justice system to keep order rather than meting out their own discipline.

A bill in the Texas Legislature would prevent police departments from filing class C misdemeanor charges on school campuses. In the meantime, students are arrested every day in the Fort Bend County public schools on charges with criminal penalties and collateral repercussions for those students’ futures.

The Law Office of Larry McDougal in Richmond provides experienced juvenile defense for offenses allegedly committed on school grounds. We challenge the allegations and protect the interests of our young clients in the juvenile justice system.

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We regularly handle school-related offenses, including:

Every high school and middle school in Fort Bend County has at least one police officer on campus. School administrators encourage criminal charges when students violate school policies, without regard to the impact of juvenile court charges. An arrest can trigger time in a juvenile detention facility or probation. The juvenile court adjudication, in turn, can make the student ineligible for sports, scholarships, college entrance, military service or certain careers.

Our juvenile defense attorneys work to resolve school violations without a criminal record that will harm our client’s future. Drawing on a law enforcement background and more than 37 years of courtroom experience, Larry P. McDougal Sr. works within the juvenile justice system to find alternatives that hold youths accountable without merely being punitive.

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