This past fall we wrote a blog post about actions the National Football League was taking to try to prevent players from driving drunk. The league brokered a deal with a car service to make it easy for players who consumed too much alcohol, to easily summon transportation, even when they are on the road. The car service operates in nearly all cities that are home to a professional team.

Players are not the only individuals that other drivers on Houston roads need to be aware of. Football fans who consume too much alcohol while cheering on their favorite professional or college team are a concern to the Texas Department of Transportation. Accordingly, the TxDOT has launched a campaign aimed at reducing drunk driving after both college and professional football games.

The heart of the campaign is the “Fan Van”. This vehicle, which is shaped like a football, is making rounds to various stadiums on game days. Individuals in the Fan Van are tasked with educating game goers about the tragic outcomes potentially tied to drunk driving. The hope is that knowledge will prompt intoxicated fans to find an alternate ride home.

The concern is legitimate. According to one statistic, last year more than 1,600 car accidents occurred on days when professional or college football teams were playing. In addition, a total of 57 individuals died in traffic fatalities characterized as being DUI-alcohol related.

While TxDOT is taking steps to keep intoxicated drivers from getting behind the wheel of vehicles, law enforcement agencies take over once vehicles are on the road, stopping and arresting individuals they suspect are driving drunk. Depending on the circumstances surrounding a drunk driving arrest it is possible that these arrests can greatly impact the life of the person accused of the crime. To minimize the consequences most find it beneficial to work with a criminal defense lawyer.

Source: YourHoustonNews, “TxDOT tackles impaired driving during football season,” Oct. 26, 2013