A Texas woman was charged for embezzling money orders and checks while she worked as an administrative assistant at a halfway house. The 44-year-old woman pleaded guilty to her charges on July 29 and is now free on bond. Although she could face a maximum of 10 years behind bars, the woman has reportedly worked out a plea agreement that will require her to pay back over $90,000. The other details of her plea deal have not been reported, and it is unclear how long of a sentence she is expected to receive.

According to a U.S. attorney, the woman’s white collar crime began in March 2012 and ended in February 2013. During that time period, the woman stole at least 600 money orders and vendor checks that were supposed to go towards the halfway house. The money was apparently redirected into the accused woman’s personal bank accounts.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons facility where the criminal activity took place is called Mid Valley House. Located in Edinburg, the facility has the capacity to house a maximum of 100 federal inmates. It is unclear how long the woman was employed at the facility.

A person who has been accused of embezzlement might want to ask a lawyer for help working out a plea deal with the prosecution. In some cases, an accused person might be able to avoid spending time behind bars by agreeing to pay back the funds that were stolen. A judge might be more likely to agree to a reduced sentence if the defendant has no prior history of fraud or embezzlement crimes on their record.

Source: ABC 13, “South Texas woman please guilty to halfway house theft”, July 30, 2014