Texas Doctor and Employee Accused of Health Care Fraud

On May 8, it was reported that a Texas physician and an employee were accused of being involved in a major Medicare fraud scheme. The 51-year-old doctor reportedly ran a medical house call service.

The alleged fraud incidents occurred between June 2012 through the beginning of 2015. It was believed that the doctor and the employee charged Medicare for the home visits that were performed by the employee who was not a certified doctor. Additionally, the indictment alleged that the accused physician was actually out of the country during some of the home visits that Medicare was charged for. It was ultimately alleged that the two individuals involved obtained approximately $5.2 million through the scheme.

Both the doctor and the 46-year-old employee were charged with multiple offenses, including conspiracy to commit health care fraud. The doctor was charged with eight counts of eight counts of health care fraud while the employee was facing four counts. According to the report, the case was still being investigated by numerous agencies, including the Medicare Fraud Strike Force.

People who are charged with fraud or similar white collar federal offenses could potentially face incarceration and have their assets frozen or even seized. A criminal defense attorney can base a trial strategy upon the particular facts and circumstances of the client’s case. In some instances, if the evidence against the client is strong, it may be possible to negotiate an agreement with the prosecutor whereby a guilty plea is entered to a lesser offense in exchange for the dismissal of more serious charges.

Source: Dallas Business Journal, “Dallas doctor, employee arrested in alleged $5.2M Medicare fraud scheme”, Bill Hethcock, May 8, 2015