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Texas Woman Accused of Theft of Ammunition


On May 15, it was reported that a Texas woman who was accused of attempting to pawn boxes of ammunition was taken into police custody. A detective, who claimed that the woman attempted to make the transaction while they were both in the pawn shop, stated that the 50-year-old woman reportedly had 50 boxes of ammunition that had been stolen in her possession.

The detective, who had been working another case, was reportedly suspicious of the woman as there had apparently been a theft of ammunition at a nearby sports store. The woman claimed that she had taken the boxes from a relative’s garage. After calling backup and reviewing the surveillance tape from the store in question, the woman was taken into custody.

As of May 15, she was being held at the Bi-State Jail while her bond was pending. The woman was charged with theft under $1500. She reportedly had two prior convictions.

Texas residents who are convicted on theft charges could potentially face serious consequences that could include a jail sentence, fines and a conviction on their criminal record. This could make it very difficult for them to find employment once they are released from prison. In many cases, however, a criminal law attorney may develop a strategy that could reduce the severity of the consequences. In some cases where the evidence against the defendant is seemingly strong, the attorney may negotiate an agreement with the prosecutor that would involve a plea of guilty to a lesser offense in exchange for the withdrawal of the more serious charge.

Source: KSLA, “Alert detective busts Texarkana woman trying to pawn stolen ammo“, May 15, 2015