Can a DUI Charge Affect Your Scholarships?

There are plenty of great options in Texas for higher education, meaning many people go here to attend these institutions and schools to get the education they desire. Because of the expenses, many people just like you also rely on scholarships or other forms of financial aid to get through.

However, this can put you in a precarious situation if you ever find yourself facing criminal charges, such as drinking while driving.

One mistake can change everything

As someone relying on financial aid to get you through college, criminal charges can do a lot of harm. The most typical example involves underage DUI, or just any DUI-related crime. If you receive a conviction on DUI-related charges, this goes on your record. Regardless of the other penalties you may face, such as jail time or fines, you may also face the possibility of having your scholarship or grant application denied, or even expulsion from your institution.

In some cases, if you have already received a scholarship, you may lose it if you end up with a criminal charge on your record. This is because public and private funds both have rules and regulations they must stick to that dictate how to divide the money. In particular, public funds such as scholarships granted by the local or national government follow a strict standard that allows no room for mistake.

How your scholastic future can change

If your ability to apply for scholarships is so heavily limited, then it may impact your overall ability to attend the higher education institute that you had in mind. When you are relying on scholarships and other forms of financial aid to get you through school, this may leave you scrambling for other financial options. Some people have even had to reconsider their attendance to the school of their dreams, meaning one DUI effectively alters their scholastic future.